Dog Art by Stephanie Fitzsimmons

New Stuff

2013 WOOF Factory paintings so far …

dog art painting

Pookie, 8×10

bulldog art


pit bull art

Crazy Tongue Pit Bull, 10×8

Beagle art

Crazy Tongue Beagle, 10×8

pit bull dog art

Trix, 10×8

Black German Shepherd, 10x20

Black German Shepherd, 10×20 ON DISPLAY AT CANINE CRAZE!

dog art

Izzy, 11×14

Baby dog art

Baby, 10×8

golden retriever art

Sammy, 10×8

beagle art

Diggy, 10×8

german shepherd art

Meiko, 10×8

golden retriever art

Simba, 8×10

husky painting

Rio, 6×6

Can you paint my dog? Yes, I can! Here’s how>

One response

  1. Beautiful!

    March 28, 2013 at 3:57 am

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