Dog Art by Stephanie Fitzsimmons

WOOF Factory has gone BANDANAS!

dog bandanas

WOOF Factory is now making bandanas!

We are now making totally handmade dog bandanas! We handpicked these cute fabrics and my husband sewed them. There are 3 designs, each named after one of our dogs. The Loki, The Lena, and the Duke. “The Lena” looks like little Lenas, with her white muzzle, tan fur, and little helicopter ears. “The Duke” is reversible: blue on one side and brown on the other, just like his eyes. “The Loki” is expressive, with lots of dogs phrases, just like her (Miss Barks-a-lot)!

They will fit a medium to large size dog. Thick, double-sized flannel. The Duke is reversible. And the best part: $2 of every bandana purchased will be donated to Taysia Blue Husky Rescue!

NOW available in my Etsy Shop: Get ’em here

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